Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twitter Trends browser:Twit Tuner now on AppStore

Twit Tuner - a tiny utility app for the iPhone that opens the window into the Twitter Universe.

We have release a tiny app that allows to browse the latest top ten twitter trends. It's a little radio style utility app that lets you see the current twitter trends and "tune into" each trend. See what is happening "right now".

It's quite addictive to check out the latest trends. See the bizarre and dynamically changing trends.

The idea for the app came from my last blog entry "What's happening now and where - Twitter knows"

Twitter has now the critical mass to be a real trend barometer. Twitter propagates news faster than any news media.

Twit Tuner is not a twitter client like Tweety, TwitterFon or Twitteriffic. You can't add your account details. It's a tool for anyone and therefore no twitter account is required.

I use Twit Tuner just to have a quick peek into the Twitter'verse. It takes me 10 seconds to check out the trends. If I would also see all the new tweets from my friends then it would take me 5 min. So I though it would be a good idea to have a dedicated Twitter Trend app - and here it is. Get Twit Tuner for free here.

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