Friday, May 21, 2010

Interviewed by Computer World about iPhone 4.0 and Augmented Reality

iPhone 4.0 is coming in June and we can see already that the possibilities for augmented reality on the platform are going to be taken to the next level. Computer World magazine recently interviewed us about iPhone 4.0 and we provided careful (within the NDA) insight into what we can expect come June.

Bradby said Apple’s updated application programming interface (API) could allow location-based applications like Wikitude to create a physical environment in addition to overlaying information.

“What you can't currently do is marker-based augmented reality, where you hold up a picture frame and [it] recognises that picture frame and places an object on it.

“Unless you move that picture frame around, the object will stick to the picture frame, and what we're looking [for] is whether the API that Apple has opened up actually supports that type of augmented reality or at least a richer experience [of it].”

While the most obvious improvement in iPhone 4.0 will be allowing apps to be run in the background, we feel the improvements to the augmented reality experience are over looked and would spur innovation.

You can see the whole article here - iPhone OS 4.0 improvements to augment developer opportunities

Thursday, May 13, 2010

iPhone Development Training at OpenHub

The three day Melbourne intensive workshop at the OpenHub, May 21 -23, from 10am-6pm covers the fundamentals and advanced feature of iPhone development, enough material that you should be able to develop your own iPhone application and upload it to the AppStore. The workshop is limited in size and features hands on exercises under the supervision of the instructor and teaching assistants.
Paris Butterfield-Addison & Jonathon Manning, Secret Lab co-founder
Paris Butterfield-Addison is a founding partner and producer at Secret Lab, an innovative Hobart-based Mac, Windows, and iPhone game and application development studio. Paris holds First Class Honours degrees in Computer Science. Throughout the past 5 years, Paris has held multiple Apple-funded scholarships through the Apple University Consortium. A frequent speaker and trainer, Paris speaks at the foremost Apple evelopment conference in Australia, /dev/world, on a yearly basis and has presented training on topics ranging from REALbasic, to iPhoneDevelopment to 3D Game Development for audiences ranging from high-school to senior citizens to corporate executives.
More recently, Paris, together with business partner Jon Manning, has been engaged to write the book "iPhone Game Development for Dummies" together with Neal Goldstein (the successful author of "iPhone Application Development for Dummies"), to be published by Wiley in January 2010. Paris is an expert developer turned educator and producer, and is particularly fond of the Cocoa and iPhone platforms. He is also currently mid-way through obtaining a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction, with a focus on the use of iPhones.
Jon Manning has been freelancing since high school, and in 2005 came to Objective-C development. Jon's company, Secret Lab, was one of the first developers on the App Store, with their release of Culture, a puzzle-strategy game that was released on the first day of the store's launch.In addition to development work, Jon is a PhD student at the University of Tasmania, where he researches location-aware mobile social software. Jon has run several Apple development courses, and has presented at the Apple University Consortium's developer conference for two years running. Jon specializes in mobile application development and in the design of intuitive, enjoyable user experiences.
To reserve a seat go to:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

jTribe on Melbourne Mobile Monday panel in May

Daniel Bradby and Armin Kroll from jTribe are pleased to be on this month's Mobile Monday panel. They are discussing all things iPhone and iPad.

They have heaps of interesting stories to share about what it takes to development high quality apps and some of the traps, pitfalls and rewards of developing iPhone/iPad apps.

Their presentation will have some case studies and some things you may not know about the jTribe team.