Monday, January 12, 2009

See Android market movements online

The Android market place has been up until recently, a very closed place. Users (and developers) could only see the apps from the phone itself. Before the developer version of the phone was released, developers had no way of seeing the market place at all. We couldn't see if an app already existed or had the same name, then once released we couldn't see comments or test it directly. Having the developer phones has helped, but what we really needed was to be able to view the market place from a PC, online, from the web.  

Thankfully Jay from has made that possible by providing a website with all the applications, games, comments and ratings from the Android market place. 

We wanted to add to this and have launched a stats website - . This website tracks the rankings and movements of apps and games within the market place. Take a look and let us know what you think. We'll be making improvements over the next few weeks so come back and check often. 


mobinauten said...

How do you calc the stats?

Daniel Bradby said...

Oliver - I'm taking a daily snapshot of the (US) Android market place

BI guy said...

How exactly you crawl the market?

BI guy said...

Are you using the data from cyrket or is it from google?

Daniel Bradby said...

Its coming form cyrket

Anonymous said...

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