Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to see what's popular on Android

We setup so we could see what cool new apps were popular in the Android Market. However the apps in the top 20 seemed to have cemented their place there and are hard to shift. What we really needed to see was which apps were moving up (and down) the rankings the fastest. 

So today I've pushed out several changes to that support this way of looking for popular apps and the results are looking good. The front page now contains the top 5 applications and top 5 games that are moving the fastest up the charts. We also show the top 5 apps and games that are dropping down the charts. The end result is a much better look at movement within the Android market place. 

We've made several other changes including displaying the app's description, category and movement (from last week and the previous day). The movements are updated daily, so come back and check often. 


mobinauten said...

How do you collect your data? Is there an API to the market or do you collect/evaluate manually?

Daniel Bradby said...

Hi Oliver,

I make use of the site to collect the rankings each day.