Monday, December 22, 2008

Pushed out a new iPhone Travel and Location app

Yes, we where busy recently. Daniel got his Google phone and Armin did work on some more iPhone apps.

As a result we are happy to announce that "going home for Christmas" has been released into the AppStore today.

Here is what the app does:

Are you on a road trip and want to let someone know that you are close by.

This app can automatically send a TXT message when you are approaching home.

Driving home from work or traveling to visit your family or friends? Let them know that you are coming and where you currently are.

Allow them to see your travel progress in real-time.

Going Home for Christmas gives peace of mind to the people waiting for you.

- Simply select a person from the Address Book
- A TXT/SMS message is sent when you are close enough
- An Email is sent so the person can track you live via the Internet
- Uses the location services on your iPhone (GPS)
- The distance to the persons address will be constantly calculated and once you are closer than 5 km (3 miles) a TXT message will be sent

TXT sending is included in the price for this application. No additional costs for TXT/SMS will be charged by your phone provider.

This application relies on the information in your Address Book. It uses the home address of the person you choose to visit. If they have a mobile number it will use it to send them a notification TXT/SMS message.

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