Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Is the AppStore broken? Here are some indications

It looks like the Christmas break did something to the AppStore. First, the iTunes Connect was pretty much closed over the Christmas period, which is understandable. After iTunes Connect came back online again the review seem to take longer and the correspondence is not working well.

Here are four cases that indicate that the AppStore is broken.
  1. We notices a spike of new users for our PinPoint app. Additional users did hit our sever and we know for sure that they are new users. However, the AppStore Trend Reports did not show any increased download at all. We are talking several hundred downloads that might have been missed. Since the daily trend reports may differ from the *real* download numbers we need to wait for the financial reports to see whether there is a problem with the AppStore operation. If the financial reports will not show the additional downloads then Apple needs to explain to us how that is possible.

  2. I received an email that our new app is Ready for Sale. After login into the AppStore it shows the app still under Review. (Remark: It is now set to ready for sale. More than 2 hrs after I received the email from Apple sayig it was ready. But the app is still not in iTunes.)

  3. Another app is shown as rejected. However, there is so far no email from Apple telling us that it was rejected or the reason why the app was rejected.

  4. I updated some screen shots for an application several days back but in iTunes it shows something different.
    I Uploaded three images and all three are different. However in iTunes it shows only two different images and one is shown twice. Not happy with that because our customers might think we are idiots putting the same screen in there twice.

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