Thursday, November 6, 2008

Releasing an iPhone app to the AppStore - Dillema

The rush on the AppStore is on. More than 5,500 app are already in the AppStore. iPhone developers are in a race to get their app in before some one else releases a similar one.

So far I heard everyone saying "You need to be the first one to releases a new app".
I am not sure about that any more. Maybe it's better to be a fast follower?

The Dilemma :
1. Let someone else get the credit first
2. Let someone else get it wrong first

Obviously each iPhone developer fears scenario #1 (Someone else is getting the credit first).
But to get credit and good reviews the app needs to be "really" awesome. A app that is kind of half-baked wont get you any credit but will put you in scenario #2 (get it wrong first).

So what to do? We at jTribe decided to stick to some key principles about releasing an iPhone app and not to focus on the Dilemma mentioned above:

Our top three iPhone application release principles:
  1. Don't release in a rush.
  2. Let the app mature.
    Keep a development version of the app on your iPhone for a couple of days without using it. Then use it and you will see the flaws of your app straight away. Fix the flaws and maybe go through another maturity cycle.
  3. Stick to your original app design.
    The longer I spend in developing an app the more I get carried away and invent new features. Adding more features along the way is great fun and I usually learn heaps about the iPhone SDK. However, more feature usually remove me from my original app design goals. As hard as it is, I found myself actually removing feature before the app is submitted to the Apple AppStore.

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