Wednesday, November 26, 2008

jTribe has released the forth iPhone app

We were pretty busy over last couple of weeks to release some iPhone apps. We are happy with the progress and the fact that met all our timelines and milestones (thanks to trac).

After the second app in the AppStore the process has been much smoother. Building and submitting a new iPhone app is now so easy compared to the painful experience of the first app. We actually ate our own dog food following Our top five tips for iPhone and Android developers.

Currently we got two apps in the navigation category and two in the entertainment and lifestyle category.

The most popular app is still Firepin Trip Tracker , the free GPS tracking app.

Our first paid app is PinPoint, a simple location sharing app. We spend most of the time making the email formatting look nice. This was a major challenge because the email app on the iPhone required us to go the extra mile to embed images.

The other two apps are in the entertainment category and we developed them originally to test the consumer behaviour in the AppStore. We learned the most astonishing things about consumer behaviour worth to put in a separate blog entry soon.

Ok, this was brief update around our latest iPhone development activities.

Other things that happend at jTtribe this week were the fact that our Android app statistics came back (Daniel, you should write about that).

And we worked on the Application Definition Statement of our next iPhone/Android app. I am so excited to write about it soon.

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