Friday, May 21, 2010

Interviewed by Computer World about iPhone 4.0 and Augmented Reality

iPhone 4.0 is coming in June and we can see already that the possibilities for augmented reality on the platform are going to be taken to the next level. Computer World magazine recently interviewed us about iPhone 4.0 and we provided careful (within the NDA) insight into what we can expect come June.

Bradby said Apple’s updated application programming interface (API) could allow location-based applications like Wikitude to create a physical environment in addition to overlaying information.

“What you can't currently do is marker-based augmented reality, where you hold up a picture frame and [it] recognises that picture frame and places an object on it.

“Unless you move that picture frame around, the object will stick to the picture frame, and what we're looking [for] is whether the API that Apple has opened up actually supports that type of augmented reality or at least a richer experience [of it].”

While the most obvious improvement in iPhone 4.0 will be allowing apps to be run in the background, we feel the improvements to the augmented reality experience are over looked and would spur innovation.

You can see the whole article here - iPhone OS 4.0 improvements to augment developer opportunities

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