Friday, April 30, 2010

Split Reader - GOOGLE RSS Reader for iPad

Read your RSS feeds on your iPad.

Another iPad app by jTribe. This app is called Split Reader and it allows you to read RSS feeds from your GOOGLE Reader account on your iPad.

Split Reader allow you to navigate through your feeds faster than ever and it uses the stylish new user interface elements available on the iPad to make it a breeze.

Feature of Split Reader:

  • Rotate to landscape and see a list of your unread feeds.
  • Tap a feed in the list to display the unread items in the detail view.
  • Rotate to portrait to only display the unread items
  • Switch between feeds using the Subscriptions popup in portrait mode
  • Mark items as read by tapping or scrolling past them
  • Tap links to follow through to further web content without leaving the app

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