Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Seminar: iPhone Apps for Business - How They Will Impact Your Organisation

First with the iPhone, and now the iPad. The hype around these devices in the media is almost deafening. To help block out the noise and focus on assist organisations to provide real business value on the iPhone, next month, on Tuesday 2nd March, we are running a half day seminar here in Melbourne: iPhone Apps for Business - How They Will Impact Your Organisation. The seminar is for business owners and marketing managers who keep hearing about the potential of the iPhone but are unsure of how it might be applied to their business.

Please follow the link to our iPhone Apps for Business Seminar and register soon as places will fill quickly!

Seminar Presenters: Daniel Bradby & Armin Kroll

Daniel and Armin from jTribe ( have been developing apps for the iPhone since the platform was released in 2008. With both a mix of their own creations, alongside delivering apps for clients, they have collected a wealth of information and experience on the platform and are excited to share it with interested businesses.

Daniel BradbyArmin Kroll

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