Thursday, November 26, 2009

jTribe presents iPhone development tools at VITTA conference

This week we went to the VITTA conference to run a workshop with IT teachers as an introduction into iPhone development tools. The session was booked out and I was excited to see how big the interest in Phone development is in the IT teacher community.
I have added the presentation to slide share...
The success of the iPhone and iPod touch should be carried into the classroom to enrich student's learning experience with technology they accept and know well.
Young people already use devices like the iPhone to interact socially with their peers by sharing information. Sharing learning content through the same means is an oppurtunity not to be missed.
Students can now work on projects anywhere at anytime. The iPhone combines a great data gathering tool with social media aspects. Photos, videos and audio can now be gathered by students in collaborative project assignments and combined in an engaging manner.
I am excited to see that IT teachers are keen to use the iPhone in the classroom.

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